GATE OF IVORY, GATE OF HORN (Doubleday, 1969)
Luther Martingale can only retain his inheritance if he graduates college, dependent solely on getting back in the favor of the professor who expelled him. When Luther wins a boat in a poker game, he offers it to Professor Ashman as a way to go in search of Beowulf's tomb, a journey that has been the professor's life long dream. But the boat's previous owner, and the professor's bookwormish niece decide to tag a long for a rollicking adventure that has unexpected results for all involved!
During his career as a cop on the back streets of Boston, Jeff Jackson saw enough of the evil that men do to last a lifetime. So he retired to the serenity of Martha's Vineyard, to spend his days fishing for blues and wooing a sexy nurse named Zee. But when a local's boat mysteriously explodes off the coast, killing an amiable young drifter, Jackson is drawn reluctantly back into the investigative trade. For there's a serpent loose in paradise - contaminating Jackson's lovely, peaceful island with its poisonous venom of drugs... and death.
THE WOMAN WHO WALKED INTO THE SEA (1991) Republished as Death in Vineyard Waters)
When crusty university professor Marjorie Summerharp ""accidently"" drowns on Martha's Vineyard, former police officer Jeff Jackson's investigation exposes some sinister secrets and a world full of jealousy and adultery.
THE DOUBLE MINDED MEN (1992) (republished as Vineyard Deceit)
 Former Boston cop Jeff Jackson finds his anticipated enjoyment of an idyllic summer on Martha's Vineyard threatened by the arrival of a royal potentate in search of a stolen necklace, the kidnapping of his friend Zee Madieras, and murder.
CLIFF HANGER (1993) (republished as Vineyard Fear)
 When former cop Jeff Jackson saves Geraldine Miles from her abusive boyfriend, someone--possibly the boyfriend--makes two attempts on Jeff's life. Or is the attacker mistaking him for Weststock College professor John Skye? Skye, forsaking the Vineyard for a summer in Colorado with his family, needs to be warned. So J.W., at loose ends since his girlfriend Zee is attending some conferences for August, heads for the Rockies--with a homicidal pursuer on his trail.
Enjoying the end of the tour season at Martha's Vineyard, ex-cop J. W. Jackson becomes involved in an explosive confrontation involving animal rights activists, environmentalists, hunters, and land developers.
A betrothed couple, J. W. Jackson and Zee Madieras discover that a $100,000 deposit has been made into their bank account, and a college student, who recently withdrew that amount, is murdered in their driveway.
 During a matinee performance at the Boston opera, ex-cop J. W. Jackson manages to foil the attempted murder of an aging former gangster, Luciano Marcus, who persuades Jackson to help him find out who among his many enemies wants him dead.
 Cricket, the president's runaway daughter, who has taken up temporary residency with fisherman, cook, and sleuth J. W. Jackson and his wife, Zee, is being stalked by a killer or killers in the Secret Service, and J. W. must protect the vulnerable young girl.
 Just as J.W. Jackson is enjoying quality fishing time with his son, things take a turn for the worse. A movie scout invades the beaches and takes a liking to Jackson's lovely lady. Then, Jackson becomes a suspect in the murder of a long-time nemesis. If he wants to spend any more summers outside a prison cell, Jackson will have to cast out his line to hook the real killer
It's September on Martha's Vineyard, that perfect time of year when the locals can enjoy the many pleasures their beautiful island has to offer. It's only when the two beautiful African-American actresses arrive in Oak Bluffs that J.W. begins to sense that something is terribly wrong. Why is Julia so afraid that she wants J.W. to look into every closet to make sure nobody is lurking in her house? Even an apparently idyllic place such as Martha's Vineyard, where people like J.W. and Zee rarely lock their doors, offers no safe haven
 The ex-Boston cop is thrilled to see accomplished bluesman Corrie Appleyard strolling up his driveway, guitar case in hand. But days later, when a rundown summer shack burns to the ground and an unidentified corpse is discovered in the ashes, J. W. fears that the charred remains are Corrie's. Now twin obligations to friendship and the truth are leading him into an ugly morass of arson, extortion, secrets, and murder. And he'll go to the dangerous ends of paradise to bring a killer to justice -- because this outrage has slammed J. W. Jackson in the heart.
Sleuthing ex-cop J.W. Jackson finds that wife Zee has been forced to kill an intruder at their home. The dead perpetrator and cohort were actually looking for the husband of Jackson's first wife, so Jackson suffers from divided loyalties: should he help Zee through her trauma or save his first wife from impending pain?
FIRST LIGHT, co-written with William G. Tapply; (Scribner, 2001)
 It's September on Martha's Vineyard, and J.W. is contemplating some good fishing in the annual striped bass and bluefish derby with his friend, Boston lawyer Brady Coyne, who'll be on the island to help the elderly Sarah Fairchild write her will. J.W. has a little business, too, having reluctantly agreed to try to find a missing woman named Katherine Bannerman, who was last seen on the island a year ago. But soon another woman goes missing, a local bully threatens both Brady and J.W., and Brady discovers that more than a few people desperately crave his client's estate. With two hundred acres of pristine Vineyard land in a frail, elderly woman's control, the stakes are high.
There's a murder, of course: this time the victim is an art dealer who may have a link to two soapstone eagles stolen from the Great Zimbabwe archaeological site. A dashing African, Mahsimba, has hired Jackson to help him recover the birds (and, yes, there are amusing references to The Maltese Falcon). Just as interesting as the mystery is the effect Mahsimba has on Zee, who is trying to recover from recently killing a man in self-defense. Craig paints the island so vividly that readers can almost smell the sea breezes--and taste the money of the Vineyard's summer residents.
A VINEYARD KILLING (2003) Good Morning America Book Club Selection!
Millionaire real estate developer Donald Fox is on the island and his team of henchmen is seeking out dubious land titles and forcing people to see cheap ormeet his battery of high powered lawyers in court. When someone shoots Fox's brother and one of Fox's underlings is murdered, JW Jackson finds himself inolved with a mysterious man without a past and eventually comes face to face with a killer intent on making him the next victim.
Set in early June, before the hordes of vacationers descend, the Vineyard crime scene is a tad slow. Then the murders of a security man at a Chappaquiddick "castle" and the scion of an aristocratic landowner raise the ante. Retired Boston policeman J.W. Jackson sets aside such favorite pastimes as fishing and cooking to investigate several old island families, interbred and linked in the most unpleasant ways, all with ample motives and opportunities for the killings.
It's early winter when J.W.'s old friend Joe Begay asks for his help. J.W. learns that Joe and the seductive Kate MacLeod are the last suviving members of a team of government agents once sent on a bloody mission, and that a killer known as The Easter Bunny may already be on the island to add Joe Begay's name to the list of the dead. Can Kate MacLeod be trusted? Who is the Easter Bunny? Can J.W. keep his own family from harm's way while he works to save Begay?
SECOND SIGHT, co-written with William G. Tapply; (2005)
Boston lawyer Brady Coyne and retired cop J.W. Jackson uncover more mischief on the tourist-mecca island of Martha's Vineyard in Craig and Tapply's second collaborative outing (after 2002's First Light). Coyne traces a runaway teenage girl to the Vineyard, where he bunks in his old friend J.W.'s charming family cottage. Jackson, meanwhile, has been hired to chauffeur and provide security for a famous reclusive singer during the week of a major rock concert celebrating human rights. When the singer's bodyguard turns up dead, the investigation leads to a spiritual retreat. Coyne and Jackson's paths intersect as they try to infiltrate the cultish shrine whose mesmerizing leader, a former lover of the rock star, is surrounded by armed apostles.
J.W. Jackson once again displays his knack for stumbling on dead bodies. This time he finds a human hand sticking out of a sand trap on a Vineyard golf course. Since the hand turns out to belong to Henry Highsmith, a cranky environmentalist with whom our hero had an earlier altercation, Jackson himself falls under suspicion. After a truck with a description matching Jackson's is spotted running Highsmith's wife off the bike path, his troubles really begin. Jackson charms as ever, with his devotion to fishing, clamming and cookery and with his tart commentary on such subjects as gas guzzling SUVs, golfers and cyclists.
DELISH! The JW Jackson Recipes, co-written with Shirley Craig; (2006)
"Be wary of any recipe over four inches long," advises J.W. Jackson.From the beginning of their romance, food has been an inportant element in J.W. and Zee Jackson's story. This book contains over 200 of their favorite recipes -food to be enjoyed anywhere.
With his wife, Zee, and two kids visiting relatives in "America," J.W. is alone and quickly tiring of his temporary bachelor status. A request from Carole Cohen comes as a blessed diversion. Carole wants J.W. to find the person who's stalking her brother, Roland. J.W. is happy to take on what looks like a short and easy assignment, though he soon realizes that Roland may lead a more complicated life than his austere living arrangements suggest. And when a body turns up near Roland's land, what seemed like a property dispute takes a detour into murder -- with J.W. in the midst of the action once again.

Tapply's Boston lawyer, Brady Coyne, responds to an anguished call for help from an old client living on Martha's Vineyard, where the late Philip Craig's ex-cop, J.W. Jackson, is being urged by his wife to investigate the death of a striking ferry boat worker.  The two friends pursue their cases separately and together as tensions caused by the ferry strike mount and a murder raises the stakes. This marks the highly enjoyable and poignant end to a short, sweet series.

There's a chill in the air one January day when J.W. receives a surprising visit from long-ago pal Clay Stockton.  Clay has come to J.W. not to relive the reckless days of their youth but to ask J.W. for help. He's in big trouble and needs to lie low on the Vineyard.  And it isn't just Clay who needs J.W.'s assistance; J.W.'s pal Bonzo has made a frightening discovery that may lead to the whereabouts of Nadine Gibson, a young woman who went missing on the Vineyard almost a year ago. Bonzo once took Nadine bird-watching, and the circumstances connecting Nadine's disappearance to Bonzo are enough to make him a "person of interest" to the police.

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